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Doraine Green

Born in England, she travelled with her family to Africa, Canada and New Zealand, where she completed her education in Auckland studying English and Art, while also acting in classical and contemporary plays in the theatre, radio and TV. She returned to England, began working in experimental theatre and taught underprivileged children in Notting Hill before it became trendy.


She then hitch-hiked alone to Rome , joined Action Theatre, and made her debut with them performing in a Sicilian village in front of the mafia. Since then, as co-director. writer and actress with the Company, she toured all over Europe (England, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and Germany), and the East Coast of the USA, including  the La Mama Theater in New York.


Doraine has also written and directed several films ("Honeymoon", "Can Girls Be Butchers Too", "Overcome") which have been shown in the Locarno and Solothurn Film Festivals and the Helmhaus  Art Gallery in Zurich. As an actress she appeared in many movies including Clemens Klopfenstein’s “Wer Angst Wolf?”, and Adrian Marthaler’s “Mahler’s Sixth”.


Apart from her work with Action Theatre, she wrote and directed plays for TAMS theater in Munich, winning the Star of the week from the Abend Zeitung and a citation in Theater Heute, directed “Electra” for Theater Marie in Switzerland, and co-wrote, directed and choreographed shows for the groups,-“ Single Belles “ in Switzerland and “Die Geschwister Pfister” in Berlin. Recently she devised an improvised piece on the works of Max Frisch for his 100th year anniversary. She lives in Bern.

Arne Nannestad

Born in England, grew up in Norway and New Zealand. Acted as a child in Stavanger and with the Auckland University Drama Company in Shakespeare, Ibsen and Becket. Got his degree in English Literature, Art History and Philosophy and worked as a designer and actor for New Zealand Television to pay for it.


Returned to Norway, where Ingmar Bergman ran away from him in the snow, was a nude model in Paris, faked antiques in London and picked asparagus in Devon before founding Action Theatre, and has written, directed and acted in all their play ever since.


Also wrote and directed “P.P.P” (life as a TV show) in Berlin, “Framed” (corruption in the art market) in Tuebingen and the musicals “Flach Dach Krach” (a history of the Bauhaus) in Weimar  – European Culture Capital 1999 – and “I Want To Hold Your Haendl” (the growth of the fast food industry in post war Germany) in Stuttgart.


Has written for several German comedians, for TV and with colleagues from the satirical magazine “Titanic” in Frankfurt.


Performed in many films, including “Soapdish” with Robert Downey Jnr., Whoopi Golberg and Sally Field in Hollywood, “The Tigress” with George Peppard and James Remar in Berlin and The Czech Republic and “Wer Angst Wolf” with Bruno Ganz in Italy. Also acted in several TV shows in Germany and Switzerland and again in New Zealand, including the long running soap “Shortland Street”.


Had his first exhibition of paintings in Switzerland in 2011, and directed 3 films in Bern – “Changing”, “Frozen Frames” and “The Bleeding Jesus of Guebbels “.


Currently working on our next play “Alzheimers Part 1 – or is it Part 2?”

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