Action Theatre

Doraine Green, Arne Nannestad

Fricktreppe 11, 3011 bern


Action Theatre

Since Action Theatre was originally formed in Paris (then relocated to London), they have played in every conceivable space from the Spanish steps in Rome to Circus tents in Scandinavia, amphitheatre in Sicily and Croatia, large town theatres, tiny cellars, market squares, youth centers, lofts, bars and culture spaces all over Europe.


They have been invited to festivals in Edinburgh, Munich, Bruges, Stockholm and Vienna. In America they played in New York’s famous La Mama Theatre and toured the East Coast Universities.


The company always creates its own material, and have evolved a unique visual and verbal style which is a blend of off-beat humour, social satire and expressionism.


Doraine Green and Arne Nannestad (the writers/directors/actors) have  additionally done a great deal of work outside Action Theatre, making and or appearing in films in Hollywood, Berlin and Budapest acting in television in Switzerland and New Zealand and developing and directing plays and musicals for many other companies and performers.




…breathes the life of a theatrical future … I admired the sheer powerhouse energy that plowed from one comic incident to the next, casually turning up laughs as if they were worms.


TIME OUT, London

Their expressionistic style is taut, punchy and enthusiastic. They use the superficial immediacy of the mass media to attack the assumptions and distortions of those same media. Good fun, very funny and they don’t preach.


DIE WELT, Germany

..born mimics and caricaturists …


LE SOIR, Brussels

…by turn funny, tender and cruel.


POLITIKEN, Copenhagen

Their style is a well –motivated surrealistic mixture of fact and fantasy.


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