Action Theatre

Doraine Green, Arne Nannestad

Fricktreppe 11, 3011 bern


A Clash of Flashbacks

Action Theatre's journey into personal, political and theatrical memories continues, taking in Mafia Transvestites in Berlin on the eve of Chernobyl, the beginning of AIDS, the fall of the Greek colonels, the outbreak of the first Gulf war, while working in Hollywood, flying carpets, flying elephants and horses with wings, and ask the questions: were Hansel and Gretel obsese Capitalists, Socialists or psychotic, incestuous serial killers? And are Test Tube Babies also addicted to violent, Internet Pomography?

An ActionTheatre Production

in english – global verständlich

Mi. 2. / Do. 3. / Fr. 4. / Sa. 5. Dezember 2015 je 20.30 Uhr

& So. 6. Dezember 19.00 Uhr

Tojo Theater Reitschule Bern


Written, directed & performed

by Doraine Green and Arne Nannestad.

Lichtdesign & Technik: Lola Rosarot.

Produktion: Michael Röhrenbach.

A personal, political and theatrical memory play

Foto: Dominique Uldry

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